Glass Factory Hollow Box  LbNA # 3986

Placed DateMay 8 2003
LocationPennsboro, WV
Found By Granny Butterfly
Last Found Apr 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Terrain: easy.
Clues: easy.

Get off the Highway 50 four-lane onto Old Route 50 to Pennsboro. Near the West end of Pennsboro, turn onto West Myles. From there go approximately two blocks up the hill toward the school. Turn left onto Collins and proceed two blocks to Industrial, and turn right. This is Glass Factory Hollow.

For many decades glasswork of various sorts has gone on in factory buildings by various companies. Glass marbles were made here from the 1930's through the present, and if you are lucky you will visit at a time when the plant is in operation.

The building in Glass Factory Hollow that is in the best repair currently is a large metal quonset hut- this was built in the 1980's as an addition to a successful and long-lived marble company. This building is fenced in by an enbankment that is contained by a wall built of stacked metal pipes. On the front left corner of this "wall", facing the left face of the building, you see an even collumn of pipe openings. Tucked inside the third pipe from the top of the collumn, and behind a hunk of glass, is the letterbox.