L00K OUT!!!  LbNA # 39825

OwnerDrunken Sailer    
Placed DateMay 16 2008
LocationSt. Joseph, MI
Found By galoot
Last Found Aug 3 2013
Hike Distance?

Well, it was reported missing, but apparently that report was mistaken, since someone just found it. I went and checked it out, and yes the box is still there on 6/24/10 However, since the tree has lost some pieces, the box is now waaaay back in the interior. you'll have to look hard for it.
From Interstate 94 you will need to get off exit 23 Stevensville. Head in a northerly direction on red arrow hwy. Once you've passed Hawthorne rd. start looking to your left. there are two roadside parks right near each other. you want the second one. Its called lookout park. If you come to Hilltop rd, you've gone too far!
Lookout park might refer to "Look Out! your house is about to slide into the lake!! That is what happened to several houses on this site in 1954. One of them was actually brought there from the 1891 worlds fair. Actually, people love to come here to look out over lake Michigan. There is nothing but water for as far as the eye can see.The park is quite busy, so you will have to be discreet.
Once there, Read the plaque that tells the story. It's interesting history.(Pictures too). From that plaque,proceed in a northerly direction parallel with the fence for 46 paces to the place where the fence takes a corner. You, however keep going straight. You'll pass a swing on your left then a grill on your right. Go to the grill, and from there, chart a course at 350 degrees for a mere 8 paces there you will run into a picturesque old tree. You'll find the box in there.
please bring your own ink and have fun.
This is my first box placement, so tell me how you like it.