Goin' Buggy!  LbNA # 39725

Placed DateMay 11 2008
LocationRye, NH
Planted ByThe EDS of Dover    
Found By uneksia
Last Found May 10 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 30 2015

Goin' buggy celebrates "E."'s Lower School production. Each of the boxes contains a stamp of an insect found on the Seacoast.

#1 From the main parking lot, stand in front of the cement stairs to the top of the bunker. Take time to read the sign and find out who Henry Dearborn was. Climb the stairs. Play on the fallen trees. Take the path behind the fortification past the double pine tree. Go to the bottom of the trail and cross the paved street to trail sign. At the right of the trail entrance, find the "Bumblebee" behind a large rock by the tree with a "seat".

#2 Continue down the path once "Bumbleebee" is hidden. The path will fork. Stop and admire the view of the ocean. Continue to the left down the main path. Follow the path with the stone wall at your right. Turn left at a dirt/grass path. Walk thru the "gate" in the stone wall, noticing the large, flat stone marking your entry. Find the "fountain". Sit and enjoy the stone benches attached to the "fountain". Follow the stone wall on the left of the "fountain" and find "Ladybug" in a crevice underneath the triple/quad tree.

#3 Return to the "fountain" to rest on the benches. Look straight ahead to a W-shaped tree 10 paces away. Find "dragonfly" in the tree. REHIDE WELL - OPEN AREA.

#4 Retrace your steps down the dirt/grass path, thru the "gate", and return to the water. Turn left onto path next to water and continue. Find monument dated "1623-1899". Turn left. Pass thru stone wall and immediately turn left. "Butterfly" is in the corner crevice on the ground.

Welcome to a perfect picnic spot! Enjoy!