Volunteer Park Seattle AQUA PURA MCMVI  LbNA # 39604

Placed DateMay 6 2008
LocationSeattle, WA
Planted ByVolunteer park    
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Sep 20 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a nice tour of one of Seattle's nicest park.

Start your tour at The Henry Seward Statue on the north end of Volunteer Park 2miles from city center in Seattle. Park at the conservatory across the street.

Henry Seward was an early Seattle Pioneer who helped secure the purchase of Alaska (1876) as well as other things.

Enter the conservatory and tour it, going right first. See the beautiful orchids. Continue on to the Cactus wing. Follow the aisle counter clockwise.

Return and exit the conservatory and head WEST on the side walk and veer SOUTH. Cross the street and continue south on sidewalk about 300 FEET.

Take the first gravel path off to the right and continue SOUTH to the Fish Pond. Find the 'GOLD" fish and the 'PURPLE' fish. These are the 'Husky FISH.

Continue SOUTH on gravel and take first left, up short stairs about 15 feet. take right on sidewalk and walk to Black Hole Sun sculpture by Isamu Noguchi.

Climb through center of sculpture.

continue SOUTH on sidewalk to stairs and descend stairs, see Space Needle in distance 5 miles away to the WEST.

Continue SOUTH on gravel path around another fish pond and up the gravel path toward the large brick water tower.

Left on sidewalk and cross the street twice, ending up ascending the path toward the water tower.

See the granite sign, AQUA PURA MCMVI. What does that mean?

PURE WATER 1906 the year the tower was built.

Climb the 106 stairs of the water tower. 520 feet above sea level. 80 feet above pavement.

Whew, you made it, check your pulse. This is the highest point on capital hill and you can see all directions. Take in the fantastic views through the portals.

This park was designed by the Olmstead brothers of Central park fame, NYC.

It is called Volunteer Park in honor of the Volunteers of the Spanish American war, 1898-1902

There is a great history of Seattle Parks, read if you like.

Cross the water tower deck to the other side and descend back down 106 stairs.

Descend the outside stairs to the SOUTH to 14th street. This is also known as 'Millionaire Row' for obvious reasons.

The beautiful large white house to the south was Seattle's first high tech guru, bilking millions of dollars from wealthy Seattleites for investments in RADIO. He was bankrupt within a short time and run out of the city.

Cross street to left and go due EAST on gravel path down hill approximately 1/3 mile and it will turn to the north.

The gravel path will lead you across a street. STOP and do not cross it. Look for a large Holy tree to your right (20-30 feet tall).

The box is at the base on the west side of the tree. (it was moved because it was lost to construction last winter).

confirmed 10/2009

Please return contents to box after you have stamped in the provided notebook. Cover the box and be careful not to give away its location to any children that are visiting the play structure and hide the box carefully as it will be easily discovered.

Back up the hill to the WEST will return you to the start.

Lawton and Jordan Friedland 5/6/2008