Scare Bears  LbNA # 39572

Placed DateMay 5 2008
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By 2hearts1
Last Found Apr 21 2010
Hike Distance?

These are some of my FAVORITE carvings! Artwork by the VERY talented Gris Grimly.

First Finders Prize in EACH box!

To the Trail Head: West Amazon South. Make a left at the end of West Amazon onto Martin and park you car near the quaint little playground. Walk on the south side of the street traveling east until you come to a gravel street known as Canyon Drive. Walk up Canyon Drive till you come to a nicely maintained trail. This is a starting point for the Ridgeline Trail.

To the Boxes:

#1 - JINX - Walk up the path until you reach an intersection. Take a left going uphill. Keep going UP UP UP soon you will reach a "Y". Look at the base of the V tree in the "Y".

#2 - TOXIC - you can go either way at the "Y" but if you go left you will have to crawl over a hand-made bike jump. If you go right it will take you around. Continue up the trail till you see to stumps behind trees of three. Look on the backside of the trees of three under bark.

#3 - DREARY - Continue following the trail up the hill. Soon another hand-made bike jump will be in the middle of the path with a path on either side going around. Just before you enter this area there is a large stump on the right hidden by a small busshy tree. Look in the top of the stump uner mossy bark.

#4 - VENOM - Continue UP UP UP UP UP it gets pretty steep at this point. Image coming DOWN on a BIKE! YIKES! You will notice yet again anoth hand-made bike jump on the left of the trail. Look underneath it on the right under moss.

#5 - DEATH - We saved this one for last because after walking up this steep hill you feel like you are gonna die HA! Continue up the hill. When you reach the top go right. The walking is pretty easy at this point. You will come to a retaining wall holding up the trail. From the end of the last support beam count approx. 45 steps to a double trunked tree with the left most trunk twisting away from the trail. Look in the cubby hole at the base. If you continue on this trail it will lend you to a parking lot which is the starting point for many more of our boxes. So be sure to check for clues so you can grab the others on the way back down to your car :)

Hope you enjoy this wonderful area. We are always amazed at how beautiful it is. We saw lots of flora and fauna while huffing our way to the top.

Happy Trails!