Picturesque New Jersey  LbNA # 39475

Placed DateMay 1 2008
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 28 2011
Hike Distance?

In the year that man first passed under the area of Euler's prediction (even though S. C. got the credit later) , a NJ law passed that would lead to my creation. I would be the first of my kind in the state.

I came into being in the year that Saint Crispin of Viterbo may have heard the cries from the soul of a dearly departed craftsmen, who was lamenting the horror that had been done to his beloved immortalized in bronze. If only she had been kept in a wunderkammer.

I was further dedicated in the year that those among us 'in danger' were to be officially protected.

I am the third largest of my kind in the state and though some say I resemble a serpent, I am considered by many to be the most beautiful of the three.

While I am not like the Natchez, or the River Lady, you could say that I am 'like' the River Rose.

*Use the 'years' that certain unrelated events occurred and combine them with descriptions of relevant facts to determine the location of the box. What Am I? If you've figured it out, then come find me.

When you find the entrance, turn around - it's time to leave.
Turn toward the favorite direction of Alan Sokal
Proceed 0.4, then turn to port between the two posts.
To the back left you will see a sign in the brush.
More than one path, so choose you must...Which way did Hope of the States go in 2006?
Go 70 steps on average then look to your right.
A small 'open' area inside the trees. (Not as 'open' when foliage is in full bloom)
Step inside and look up at the Y.
See the downed tree pressing it from behind?
Walk to the right of the Y to where a second downed tree lies perpendicular to the first.
Proceed just a few steps onto the faint deer path to the right and straight to the tree which stands against that which is perpendicular.
Behind this standing tree and beneath some rocks, is the answer to this quest and what you came to see.
Please rehide the box better than you found it. Trails may tend to be overgrown in some areas during Spring and Summer months.