The Search For Skipper  LbNA # 39467 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 25 2008
Locationmooresville, NC
Planted ByThe Stertz 6-Pack    
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This box is missing. We will replace it soon, I will update when we do. Meanwhile, "Go find the cheese!"

Please help - SKIPPER escaped from his home. Grandma and Pops got me and African Fire Belly Toad for Christmas three years ago. His name is Skipper and he loves flies and crickets and has even been known to eat a rolly-polly (grub) every now and then. He loves his special habitat with his own little cave, but he got out somehow and I can't find him. Mom said he must have jumped out the door when we opened it and is probably at the lake. Remember he really likes crickets, so at night time is the best time to search for him. Thank you for your help, I really miss him.

Find directions to Lake Norman State Park, come in on State Prk Road to the gate, go over the bridge to the first parking lot on the left. Go to the Alder Trail sign on the left of the parking lot (White Diamond) and follow it until you get to a fork in the trail by the two trunked tree, go on the trail to your left. You will pass under a fallen tree, take 18 steps to the three trunked tree on the left of the trail. Look behind, under the leaves and sticks. You did it!!! I am so happy! Enjoy the rest of the park. Another box is hidden in the park, "Save the Cheese"

Lake Norman State Park is beautiful, it offers hiking, biking, fishing, boating, camping, and swimming. You can slso rent paddle boats and canoes for a modest cost.

Enjoy the park and have a blessed day!!

The Stertz 6-pack