Embudito: Letterboxing Is For The Birds!  LbNA # 38521

Placed DateMar 24 2008
LocationAlbuquerque, NM
Planted ByGreen Girls    
Found By Twinville_Trekkers
Last Found Jul 20 2008
Hike Distance?

We are studying birds this year in our Girl Scout troop and are completing this Letterboxing is for the Birds! trail as part of our work toward our Bronze Award. These are #2 & #3 in the 8-box series. Bring your binoculars as well as your stamp!

To the Embudito Canyon trailhead: Head east on Montgomery Blvd from Tramway to the 4-way stop. Turn north on Glenwood Hills. Pass 2 or 3 roads 'til you come to Trailhead road on your right. Take Trailhead rd. east to parking lot.

Lost Mama Letterbox. Mama bird has lost her nest and needs your help to find it. Find Mama Bird by following trail #365 (the lower trail)to the nearest bedrock boulder pile. Look up into the boulder pile for the giant flourescent-green baleen whale head. Climb up to it. The whale (huge granite boulder covered in green lichen) is almost in line with the wilderness boundary fence cutting across the canyon floor. Now look at the table rock due west of the whale. Below its southern end is a pentagon protecting Mama. Enjoy Catie's carve!

Non-lost Mama Bird Letterbox: Lost Mama holds a clue for you! Follow it then look back down canyon and find my nesting site within a tall oak on the SW side. I am nestled between its three trunks, beneath a covering of leaves and stones. Enjoy Callie's carve!

To find both letterboxes expect to hike about 1 mile round trip.