Paul B  LbNA # 38290 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 15 2008
LocationPortland, OR
Planted Bybedlamite9    
Found By The Gamecock
Last Found Sep 10 2008
Hike Distance?

This giant lumberjack can be found in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland.

Look nearby for the place where Paul might like to grab a cup of coffee. The letterbox is located near the corner of the parking lot for this small coffee house and at the end of the stack of old lumber which is lying parallel against the wall of the neighboring warehouse building.

A note on the location: although this is a well trafficked area, it is not generally well maintained. This is good for the letterbox as it may stay here a while, but this also means it has a lot of random litter to keep it company.

A note on Paul: The statue was erected in 1959 at the intersection of Interstate and Denver avenues by the Kenton Businessmen’s Association to celebrate Oregon’s centennial. The Centennial Fair was held in the livestock yards nearby. In the days before Interstate 5, travelers from Washington entered Portland through Interstate Avenue. As they crossed the Columbia River, they were almost immediately confronted with the statue’s friendly visage.