Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park  LbNA # 3822 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 7 2003
LocationEllensburg, WA
Found By TheCarvingClan
Last Found Sep 21 2005
Hike Distance?


Location: Irene Rinehart Riverside Park
Nearest Town: Ellensburg, W
County: Kittitas
Placed: 5/7/3
Placed By: Fudrick
Clues: Trivial
Trek: Easy, level path

This box has been reported moved by the high waters. It was located by the reporters, and placed bhack where it originally was. It may have been moved by high water again.

Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park is a City of Ellensburg City Park. Located on the bank of the Yakima River, it has tree lined trails with many places to enjoy the beautiful Yakima River.

To The Trailhead: Head for Ellensburg. From I-90 take the Canyon Road exit. Head north on Canyon Road. Turn left at Umptanum Road, the intersection where you can grab a bite to eat, with Subway, Skippers, and macdonnies. Continue on Umptanum Road as it goes under I-90. Just before you cross the Yakima River bridge, you will see the park on the right. Head down to the left to the parking lot by the bridge.
The road to the right, thru the gate that closes at dusk,heads down to Carey Lakes, another enjoyable location, where you will find a boat landing, lake swimming, sand volleyball, picnic and barbecue facilities, more hiking/biking trails, and grass areas.

Head upriver to the kiosk, where you will learn nothing about this fine park. Go thru the gate onto the trail. Read the many reasons Funhog would not have fun here. Cross over the bridge. You will come to a Why. Why Knot head left? It is a nice trail, but will require thinking about how to get back on track. Why Knot head left? Sounds like a plan! You will come to another Why. Why Not head left? Because you will end up in the fast flowing Yakima River. Probably not the best choice. Why Knot head right? Good idea. Watch your head, as you pass under a tree arched over the trial. Go another 5 paces or 10 steps, whichever comes first. Turn around and see what happens to those who forget to watch their head. Glance to your left, you will see a lone growth with several former growths in front of it. Why Knot look in the middle of the triangle created by the former growths. You may be suprised by what you find.

Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.