Bike Path  LbNA # 38195

Placed DateMar 8 2008
LocationWall, NJ
Planted ByCrazyChicks    
Found By The Newlyweds
Last Found Sep 27 2009
Hike Distance?



Approx. completion time: .5 hour

• You may want to search on a map these locations:
o Atlantic Avenue [Rt. 524]
o Tilton’s Corner Road
o South Wall Little League Fields

• Drive to the South Wall Little League fields and park your car.

• You may prefer riding your bike, because otherwise it’s a long walk.

• You probably took Atlantic Ave [Rt. 524] into the fields, so find Tilton’s Corner Rd. and turn right, away from the circle.

• Travel on Tilton’s Corner until you get to the entrance to the bike path.

• Do not confuse the bike path with someone’s driveway.

• When you get to the entrance, turn right.

• If you reach a steep downward hill, you made a wrong turn when you were at the entrance. Turn back and cross the street.

• It should be a smooth ride with a few curves.

• The first bench you pass says “Wall Girl Scout Troop 1253”

• Once you pass this bench, keep going until you pass a second one that says “Wall Girl Scout Troop 831”. Pass it and go on.

• Keep going until you have to cross a very busy street. Be careful when you cross the street. 

• Then when you cross to the next section of the bike path, keep going until you reach a third bench that says “Wall Girl Scout Troop 1832”. THIS IS OUR TROOP’S BENCH!!!!!

• Pass it and when you reach a fourth bench at the bottom of a hill that says “Wall Girl Scout Troop 692”, stop there.

• Walk and touch the corner of the bench that is farthest away from the hill.

• Go directly out into the brush, about six feet.

• Look for a pile of fallen branches and sticker-bush branches. [This is where you need those gloves!]

• Your prize will occupy a space that is shared with scattered rocks and tree roots.