Bridge Park  LbNA # 38165 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMar 6 2008
LocationBattle Creek, MI
Planted ByHCdancer0044    
Found By Fish's Card Room
Last Found Oct 7 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 9 2015

Last summer we went to Historic Bridge Park on South Wattles Road. We parked our vehicle in the parking lot and I wandered over to the weeping willow tree just off of the South West corner of the parking lot and was looking at the river.

My friend was walking across the parking lot toward the road and she was looking at something, so I came over. We saw a snake slithering out of the grass on the right side of the road and we followed him. The snake slithered down the path through the park. We followed it all the way past the parking lot, around the curve in the path for another 30 yards or so when he decided to slither across the creek.

While talking about it when we noticed on our left there was a bridge called the "Gale Road bridge" It was built in 1898 or something old like that and it went across the creek so we decided to use it to follow the snake. We followed the bridge toward the west. The bridge turned into a boardwalk which we continued to follow. The boardwalk came to a Y, there was a small bridge to the right but it looked like Slither was heading for the hills so we followed him to the right down the boardwalk.

The boardwalk continued for another minute or so when it came to a T. We looked both ways, there was another small bridge on the left and a covered area on the right so we decided to see what was in it since Mr. Snake was going that way anyways.

As we were heading to the covered area, Mr. Snake decided to climb the hill. Maybe to get away from us. When we finally got to the covered area I pointed to our right to show my friend the steps up the hill and she said, "Lets climb them." We climbed up and when we got to the top there was another bridge, even bigger than the first one we crossed over. We notice the snake was already headed across it, he was fast, must have been a blue racer.

We were starting to get tired but decided that we needed to climb this one last bridge. We walked across the grass toward the last bridge. When we got across the bridge we saw a sign to our left that told us it was the Charlotte Highway bridge built in 1886. My friend leaned against the sign so I could take her picture and that is when I found small box in the rocks behind the small cement wall.

After looking at it we saw some steps along the right side of the bridge that took us down to the road not too far from where are car was parked. All tired out we headed back to the car to get ready for our next adventure.