My little knife  LbNA # 38039 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 21 2008
LocationBastrop, TX
Planted ByWOWMOM    
Found By Adams Trails
Last Found Mar 3 2008
Hike Distance?

Help! I lost my little red swiss army knife! I went placing boxes for the TALE #5 gathering and while I was in Lake Bastrop South Shore Park I lost my knife! This was not an expensive knife, but the sentiment that goes with it makes it valuable to me. One of my friends had given it to me, not for any special occasion, but just because. Most people give me foofy stuff like bubble bath, lotion, earrings, etc... while that it nice of them, I don't use it as much as my little knife. This friend took the time to look at what I really like to do and though of something useful to me! Really, I don't think it is worth much money. I think she got it at a pawn shop, but I LOVE IT!

So, here is where I think I lost it: My son and I ate dinner at the pavilion, cleaned up, took everything to the car, and went for one last hike. We walked across the parking lot, along the boat docks, and into the woods. After going down and up the stairs, KoolKid stopped to pick up a walking stick. I took out my knife to cut some of the little branches off it so he could hold it easier, and stupid me, instead of putting my knife back into my backpack, I just put it into my pants pocket. After a little while, we came to the end of the little trail near the camping loop and I knelt down to tie my shoe on the trail right over the spot where a culvert (metal pipe to direct water) goes under the trail. My little knife must have fell out of my pocket right there! When I felt my pocket for it, it was gone! I looked all over the place there, but because it was late already, there wasn't enough light to find it. If you wouldn't mind stopping to look for it when you are hiking around the park, I would be indebted to you! In fact, there is a reward in it for you if you find it.