Jman's Journey  LbNA # 38005 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 17 2008
LocationConway, SC
Planted Byjman    
Found By GirlsTogether
Last Found Mar 7 2008
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Jman's Journey

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME-- 2/16/08 through 3/8/08
This box does not have markers so please bring some.
The first letterbox that I ever found was the Warthog, located in Warbird Park, Myrtle Beach, SC. This was one year ago, 2/2007! I have planted a limited time letterbox in Warbird Park, in honor of the Warthog Letterbox, which is no longer there . It is too bad too, because the stamp was great. To find Jman's Journey, go to Warbird Park, on Farrow Parkway at South King's Highway, in Myrtle Beach, this is part of the old Air Force Base. Locate the drinking fountains. Follow the path that leads back toward the woods. Stop at the first swinging bench. Go to the back of the bench and put your back up up to the seat. Walk approximatley 25 paces toward a tree which has a hollowed out place at its base. The letterbox is in a LnL box, under leaves and sticks. As always be careful, and sneaky! Have fun!