What I See...  LbNA # 37937

OwnerTiny G    
Placed Date
LocationCannon Beach, OR
Found By Gardenfly
Last Found Aug 21 2008
Hike Distance?

These boxes are hidden along one of my favorite hikes on the coast. Enjoy!

Park in the farthest parking lot for the Ecola viewpoint and go to the Indian Beach trail head.

From the second overlook in view of the ocean take 14 steps up the trial or until you see a nursery log on your right. go to the end of it and look underneath some roots and a stick on the side of the log.


Continue down the hill from Kites while looking on your right for a mother tree and her baby standing side by side at the foot of the hill. on the mother's right side and at her feet there is a hole covered by a rotting limb. Here the pirates lie in wait.

Lunar Eclipse

Keep going until you see 2 tree Guardians to a large flat area also on your right. as you put your right foot up to enter the flat look down and to your left and see a hole at the base of one tree covered by a limb. Here you shall see the lunar eclipse.