Voodoo Lady and Roboito  LbNA # 37839

Placed DateFeb 6 2008
LocationLos Banos, CA
Planted Bymommyslilmonsters    
Found By fleetwood7
Last Found Jan 31 2011
Hike Distance?

Los Banos is a small town in Merced County. The main street is called Pacheco Pass (AKA. Highway 152). If driving Eastbound on 152, turn right onto Ortigalita Rd. right after Lowe's; however, if you are driving Westbound on 152, turn left onto Ortigalita Rd. right before Lowe's.

Go straight until you drive over a canal and you will see a road called Sunset Rd. You can only turn right onto it, so do so. Go all the way stright until this road comes to a dead end at Canyon Rd. Turn left here. Continue straight and you will gain entry to the D-Dam.

Box 1 - Roboito the Robot

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I will be replacing it soon!

You will drive past a sign that says "Park Hours" and displays them. Drive straight ahead, DO NOT turn slight right. You will come to a sign that says "Locked Gate Ahead." Keep driving and park in front of the gate. Stand in front of the gate, look right, you will see two white posts. A little more to the right, you will see some large rocks. Roboito is lounging in between two of these large rocks covered up by some smaller, loose rocks.

He happens to enjoy this view of the D-Dam, it relaxes him since his stress level is through the roof.

Box 2 - Voodoo Lady

Drive back up the road towards the "Locked Gate Ahead" sign. When you see this sign, turn left and head downhill to the toll booth. Depending on your luck, you may or may not have to pay (usually, lady luck is on everyone's side). You will have to drive through the zig-zaggy road here and you will come up to a sign that shows three different ways to go; either "Vista Point" to the left, "Camping" going straight, and "Picnics" going straight or right. GO STRAIGHT towards the camping area. You will head downhill and will see some porta-potties on the right. Turn right after seeing these and drive to the dead end which will be very close. Park in this dead end area. There will be a trail on the Western side of this parking area. Follow this path for about 300 ft. You will come up to the first bunch of large rocks on your right hand side a little bit up the hillside. Voodoo lady is chillin' like a villain in between two large rocks while being covered by smaller loose rocks.

Voodoo lady likes to have alone time in order to keep out of trouble, but she does enjoy the company of visitors. She's not evil, simply misunderstood.