Browning Mill Bugs  LbNA # 37664

Placed DateJan 21 2008
LocationRichmond, RI
Planted ByKate and Kyle    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jan 18 2017
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Browning Mill Bugs

**Remember to bring a compass** Wear orange from October to April.
Directions: Take Rt. 165 in Exeter to Arcadia Rd. To get there, take I95 to exit 5A towards RI- 102 South/ Exeter. Turn right onto Rt. 3 South. Rt. 165 will be on your right.
From Rt. 165 turn left on Arcadia Rd. There will be a sign for Browning Mill Pond. Head down Arcadia Rd. to Browning Mill Management Area. Go past the old mill to the parking lot a little ways down on your right.

From the parking lot, head down the slope towards the pond. The pond will always be on your right hand side. You will soon see the path marked with yellow blazes. Take the path to your left, heading West away from the beach area. Over a small bridge, soon you will see a high bank on your left, and the pond will be on your right. Pay close attention: a stone wall will appear along the bank, running east-west. Look for the tall stump next to the wall. From this stump, turn around and head up the bank 10-12 paces. The wall runs between an oak and a younger pine, this is where a little butterfly is waiting in the wall.

After finding our first buggy friend, continue on the trail to the pine forest. If you are looking to your left, there will be a stone wall running north-south and perpendicular to your path. On the western side of this wall is a boulder field. You must work for your next creature: 67 paces from the path and along the wall to a large beach tree with exposed roots. Crawling beneath the nice cool roots is our second creepy crawly.

Across the bridge and over the dam, follow the yellow blazes along the wooden fence and across a set of wooden bridges. The little bridges will take you around another dam from which you can see across the whole pond. Almost directly across is the beach near where you have parked. Now continue on again into the woods until you see a large white pine marked with a yellow blaze. To your left is a stone wall and rocks falling down the hill, as if they have tumbled off. At 340 degrees spot the old oak that is half dead and half alive. On the back side of the oak, a little bumble bee hides on the dead side of the tree.

On the yellow path again, enjoy your time in the woods. Getting tired? Soon you will come to an old stone shelter where you can rest. There is no longer a roof on the shelter, but our friend ladybug still finds it a comfy place to stay. Head out of the shelter and walk around behind the western corner to collect this one.

Directly from the east corner of the shelter count 140 paces. For this one you will have to look to the woods on your right. Find the huge white pine that rests several feet above the ground, growing on top of a large rock. You will have to look closely through the woods, especially in the summer, since the tree is a little ways off into the woods. Walk to the huge pine and find mosquito hidden in between the rocks under the pine.

Once you are done stamping our next friend, it is on to the trail once again! Cross the wooden bridge over the brook. Eventually you will be able to see the pond again, directly to your right. Our last critter is so close that you might walk right past him. Look for a large boulder which protrudes out onto the pond on your right (it might be a nice spot to cast a line). Just past that is an enormous white pine with a yellow blaze in between the trail and the pond which you can not get your arms around. From here take 22 paces. Directly on the left side of the trail should be a large oak marked with a yellow blaze and directly next to the oak grows a large pine. In the oak there is a spot just perfect for a little dragonfly looking for a dark place to close to the pond to hide from passers-by. Look inside and find our last critter.

Now that you've found all the Browning Mill Bugs, follow the yellow blazes the rest of the way around the pond, past the beach, and to the parking lot.