Dragon Dance  LbNA # 37650

Placed DateJan 20 2008
Location???, PA
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance?

Red Birds in Winter
fly Halfway across Lake…

192 birds
Bake in Oven until tender
serve in tupperware

delicious dish for Year of the Rat!

From the starting point: Begin hiking up the designated trail. As you look ahead you will see a rather large pine tree that appears to be in the middle of the trail with an orange blaze. From this tree count 103 steps continuing up the trail. This should bring you to the 7th orange blazed tree (from the starting point). Take a reading of 200° and head in that direction for 18 steps. SPOR on the backside of the 2nd pine tree.

Hand carved stamp, recommended color: Red

Note: This is the Gong Hei Fat Choy event stamp that was originally released at the Huntin’ Tupperware® event, 2/18/07, in State College, PA.

***Please use discretion, snap lid tightly and replace securely. Box contains stamp and log; BYO ink and pen. A pace is two steps (left footfall, right footfall = one pace). We appreciate your comments regarding the condition of the box and its contents.***