Indian Run Cemetery  LbNA # 37601

Placed DateJan 12 2007
LocationDublin, OH
Planted Bycuddlesmarie    
Found By Troop2783
Last Found Oct 1 2011
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Indian Run Cemetery was established in 1814 and was in use until 1877. In 1975, it underwent an extensive restoration and is now on the National Register of Historical Places.

Park at the place where Dublin keeps its book collection or at the municipal lot at Darby and North Street. Head north, to the left side of the mentioned building where there is an asphalt path. Follow it into the cemetery and stop in front of the marker that reads “Indian Run Cemetery”.

Turn to face 45 degrees (NE) and go to the group of trees. Then, turn west and head towards the pole labeled “13”.

From here, turn right and walk toward the end of the wall. About four feet from the end, there is a curved tree. On the north side of it, under the pile of rocks, you will find what you seek.