Frying Pan Farm Park  LbNA # 37584 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2007
LocationHerndon, VA
Planted Bywindblown    
Found By Gradys Glorify God
Last Found Apr 19 2008
Hike Distance?

Location: Frying Pan Farm Park
2709 West Ox Road
Herndon, VA 20171

These boxes have been retired as of 9 November 2008

Background: Be sure to leave enough time to explore the entire Park. The grounds of Frying Pan Farm Park house the Kidwell Farm, the Country Store, the Floris Schoolhouse, The Meeting House, a cemetery, and Equestrian facilities. Check out the web site for Frying Pan Farm Park to see all that is available. Bring a lunch and spend the day. Dogs are welcome on the trail but not in the buildings or farm area.

You are going to go on the Nature Trail. You might wish to pick up a map at the country store. If you have children in the ages of 3-8 ask about the Fergi Nature Trail Program. Even though the trail is an easy one-mile walk it is not stroller-friendly.

Box #1: Grandma's Frying Pan:
After turning into the park you can park in any of the parking areas. Walk on the gravel road past the side of the Activity Center and on up the hill past the Upper Ring. The road turns to the right and shortly you will see a brown wood sign on the left indication the start of the nature path. The trail is marked with a small dark red stroke on trees which is not very easy to spot, but the trail is wide enough to discern. There are 6 numbered signs along the path, starting with #1 at the beginning of the trail. If you picked up the children’s nature trail program backpack you will stop at each numbered sign to do the activity. As you walk please enjoy the nature that surrounds you. When you come to sign #3 you are getting close to “Grandma’s Frying Pan”. Facing and standing directly in front of the simple two legged bench, gaze out into the woods. About 25 feet away there is a small lichen & moss covered boulder. Behind it covered with leaves and sticks is the box you seek. After stamping in, carefully reseal and rehide the box where found.

Box #2 Franklin the Troll:
Trolls are notorious for requiring those who cross their bridges to pay a toll. Franklin only requires that you stamp in and rehind his box well. Continue on the trail until you come to sign #4, you are getting close to “Franklin the Troll”. Cross the bridge then look to your left. You will see three trees standing side by side. Behind them are two larger trees standing side by side. Right behind them you will find a pile of leaves and branches, which is where Franklin lives. Pay your “toll”.

Box #3 Guardian Angel:
As you walk please enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Continuing on you eventually come to sign #6, which is located at the Meeting House. If you are as intrigued with cemeteries as I am you will enjoy reading the headstones. To find the Guardian Angel first find the last resting place of Henry O’Bannon and Martha E. stand with your back at their footstones and gaze into the woods. Walk 12 yards NE (sorry I forgot to bring my compass for an exact reading) to the woods and you will see a small path, which leads to the Meeting House Trail (Yellow Blaze Trail). As you enter the woods you will see a fallen burnt out tree on your right. Behind and tuck a bit under the burned out tree, in front of the #7 tree you will find the Guardian Angel. Please carefully reseal and rehide the box where found. To return to your car retrace your steps back to the #6 sign and take the gravel road that lays to the south of the meeting House. It will bring you out by the Pole Barns and the Lower Ring near the parking areas.