Jonah's Journey # 1  LbNA # 37456

OwnerIndigo Vulture    
Placed DateOct 1 2007
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 15 2010
Hike Distance?

I recently became ordained a pastor in the Lutheran church. It was a long road for me to get here, and for various reasons I feel like I’ve had a similar spiritual journey to the prophet Jonah. When I was ordained, two good friends of mine, MizScarlet and Lotus, each carved me a stamp as a gift. They were both of the same image...a “Luther’s Rose.” I decided to plant them in places appropriate to my “Jonah’s Journey” to ordination.

My journey was one that kind of involved “filling in the blanks” in my life. So these clues will require you to do just a little filling in the blanks as well.

* Somewhere in northern New Jersey is a retreat center called the X____r Center. It was at this retreat center that I first heard the call to be ordained.

* Just over a mile southwest (as the eagle flies) of the X____r Center is a park called L______a B___k. Start at L______a B___k, in the parking lot on K______l Ave.

* After parking, carefully cross K______l Ave., and begin walking on the paved path. Ignore all dirt trails. After about a mile on this path, you’ll come to a crossroads with another paved path. Continue straight. Shortly thereafter, stop at mile marker 1.2.

* From the marker, continue 35 paces to a yellow dot painted on the path.

* From the dot, head 18 paces at 110* to a V-tree.

* Thence, 22 paces at 105* to a four-tree.

* Finally, 6 paces at 110* to a single tree. Look beneath a suspicious pile of sticks. There you will find MizScarlet’s beautiful Luther’s Rose.

If you like, head about 89 miles WNW to Jonah’s Journey #2.