37  LbNA # 37445

Ownerwood thrush      
Placed DateJan 9 2008
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 10 2014
Hike Distance?

Update 05.11.14 The 37 box is back in business in a new container with an additional stamp, and in a new location along the same trail. Enjoy, and bring your own stamps to the box! --WT

About 37
There is a park in Pennsylvania named for our 37th president. In this park we have placed a box with a twist to commemorate the man and his tenure in office.

What is the twist? There is a small but interesting phenomenon in letterboxing in which a box is placed with an initial stamp(s). Then finders are encouraged to carve a stamp that fits the theme, adding it to the repository in the box when they find it. The number of stamps in the box increases over time as the theme is explored, not only by the initial planter, but by the box's subsequent finders. We recall at least two boxes of this nature, one with a theme of adding tools to a toolbox, and another with adding livestock and objects to a farm.

We hope to do this with the "37" box. This president was a complicated man who had a complicated presidency. You may choose to carve a stamp depicting the man, his family, things that happened during his presidency, world events at this time, members of his cabinet and staff... there are many possibilities. There's a lot to be explored, and we would like your contributions!

Current stamps
The stamps currently in the box are: Victory, Wall, Uher 5000, Chief of Staff and Enemies List (carved by Wood Thrush); Tricky (carved by The Royal Fish); Home State (carved by Mamaw Ladybug); Ling Ling (carved by 4 survivors); The Imperial Presidency (carved by Otis' Friends); Leaving Vietnam (carved by Aquinna); Duke School of Law (carved by Nargfoll); Kent State University (carved by The 4 Spigs); Checkers (carved by idlemoon); Milhous (carved by Red Cruzsader); You Filthy Hippies (carved by Booshmen); A Republican Cloth Coat (carved by welshangus), For Peace and Prosperity (carved by Fluttering Dragonfly), and The Famous Gesture (carved by Undead Hunter FreD).

A few simple rules.
To seek this box, you should have a charitable disposition for people with political views that vary from your own (don't remove any of the stamps in the box)! You may, of course, choose to stamp in only those stamps that agree with your own views, but we'll leave that up to you. Although we greatly encourage you to do so, you do not have to contribute a new stamp to the box to find it and stamp in. But if you do add a stamp to the box, please contact the placer at wood_thrush@mac.com so we can add your stamp's name and authorship to the online list of those in the box.

To the box
Make your way to this park. From the lower parking lot, follow the path that leads to the trails. Take a left over the bridge at the "stream life" sign. Follow the path to the left of the pond. At the end of the pond, bear left on the double-blazed blue-red trail. Do not take the Bird Hollow path to the right. Walk along with the pleasant stream to your left.

After a short time, the trail will curve to the right and begin to climb the ridge. You will first encounter a series of steps in the trail, then, after the trail veers to the left and climbs some more, a series of low plastic water diverters in the trail that channel runoff. The last of these are near the top of the ridge. Keep walking forward on the trail, and you will soon see a partially obscured trail sign that points left to the Old Field Trail and straight ahead to Bird Hollow. Keep walking straight.

Shortly you will see a nice bench on the left in a clearing. It's not too far ahead on the trail. After you get the box, this will be a great place to come back to—you can spread out your things and stamp in.

For now, when you are even with the bench, start counting steps and pass through the clearing, still walking straight ahead. After about 120 steps you will be at a red-blazed tree, and see ahead 16 steps on the trail a tree blazed blue and red. From the red-only tree, take seven steps towards the blue-red tree. To your right, about five steps off the trail is a unique trio: a hip-high stump in front, a fallen smallish-sized tree right behind it, and a living maple tree behind the fallen tree. The 37 box is behind the fallen tree, beneath bark, at the point where these three intersect.

Remember, if you have brought along a stamp to add to the box, stamp its image in the box's logbook along with your personal stamp. When you're done stamping the 37 treasure trove, be sure to replace the box carefully with the bark on top.

The park has several wonderful trails to explore, and if you've done your homework, there are several other very nice boxes to find. If you're not feeling adventurous however, you can always return to your car the way you came.

Thanks for playing along with our experimental concept, and happy boxing.