Waiting in Tananger  LbNA # 37360

Placed DateJan 1 2008
CountyOther International
LocationTananger, Norway, INT
Planted ByGlobalCluff    
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Choose a rare sunny day to visit Tananger Bay.
Start if you can with the resident Lobster man.
From there turn and walk on a SW path (255 degrees)towards the red-roofed beacon of light.
2 minutes you'll meander till the rock bridge you cross..then on towards the stone steps along the holly wall. Take a nice picnic break at the top..
on the stone table you'll dine (only if the residents don't mind!)
After taking in the view turn north 20 degrees and down the incline...left onto the path head towards the beacon again.
Pass Kunst & Rammer...painter and photographer both would agree this is a nifty place to be.
Don't let the smell of yummy lobster distract you..continue past Hummeren...it costs a SLEW!
Avoid the thorny prickles as you find the Jentene pa Flatholmen. Their story is noble..all night they waited in hopes of safety...you do not have so long to wait.
Find the walking boards towards the south...each boat has a name...where will you find the box??? on a boat? none are the same.
Take the last exit off the boards and head towards 210 degrees SW.
Pass through a hole in the wire to find the apex. Track along the paths to the top.. admire the view of the ships passing through.
At the highest of trees you will find what you seek...the moon & the stars...waiting in Tananger.