Seth's First Letterbox  LbNA # 37355

Placed DateJan 1 2008
LocationSouthern Pines, NC
Planted BySilver Creek School    
Found By super sleuths
Last Found May 8 2011
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Seth's First Letterbox

(Written by Seth's grandparents):

We introduced our seven-year-old grandson Seth to letterboxing just before Christmas on a day visit to Savannah. We found four out of five and he was hooked. A few days later we, with his help, planted one in Southern Pines (see "Reservoir Park") but he wanted to start placing his own. As the name suggests, this is his first.

The location is not far from his house so he can check it now and then. He's frequently there for organized activities such as day camp and T-ball too. We all hope you enjoy your visit to Southern Pines and the pleasant stroll to the location of Seth's First Letterbox.

(Seth's Mom here):

The tree this box was in fell apart and the box was lost, so we but a new box in place on February, 29...LEAP YEAR DAY...which was perfect since the stamp in the box was a FROG! However, THAT box disappeared in March, so this in now our THIRD attempt at hiding a box in this park! The stamp is a swirl, which Seth feels represents the BLACK HOLE that must be somewhere in this park that keeps swallowing his letterboxes! Now that we have called the universe out on its game, we hope this letterbox will last.

How to find THE BLACK HOLE:

Drive all the way up East New Hampshire Avenue in Southern Pines until it dead ends at the parking lot. Park in the parking lot and head to the playground. Play for a while, if you wish. Once you are ready, look all the way across the huge lawn to the split rail fence on the other side of the park. You should be able to see three benches. Look out for golfers first, and be sure no one is hitting a practice ball your way. If all looks safe, head to the bench furthest to the right (this is when Seth likes to run as fast as he can all the way across the lawn!).

Once you get to the bench, have a seat as you'll probably need the rest. While you are sitting there, look over your left shoulder toward the big tree there. At the base of the tree, you should see a rock. Be sure no one is looking, then go peek under that rock – there you should find The Black Hole!

Take it back to the bench and do your stamping. Then, slyly return The Black Hole to its safe spot under its rock. Be sure to cover the rock with dirt and debris so it looks like it has been sitting there, undisturbed, for light years.

You can also access this box by parking along Weymouth Road across from 125 Weymouth Road. Enter the park at the end of the split rail fence and the rock is on the other side of the first big tree to your right.