Tolman Park (Rocket Park)  LbNA # 37272 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 29 2007
LocationBountiful, UT
Planted BySHARC    
Found By Moo Poo
Last Found Apr 11 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 15 2015

Rocky Sputnik at Rocket Park or Tolman Memorial Park
Location: 100 North 1300 East, Bountiful.

Many years ago, we called this park “Rocket Park” because the play toy was shaped like a rocket. Probably because the original equipment was too dangerous, more modern equipment has now been installed and the park’s official name is Tolman Park. We decided to plant this letterbox to remind people of the original Rocket Park, hence the letterbox name of Rocky Sputnik.

To find the box you can park in any of the three parking lots around the park. Enjoy the new play toy, and then make your way to the northwest corner of the tennis courts. Now, walk north across the drive and position yourself at the southeast corner of the softball field. OK, now walk north-ish along the fence line about 45 yards (50ish paces for an adult and 60-70 paces for a child). Face away from the softball field and at about 115 degrees you should see the twin scrub oak trees (about 1ft apart) about 10 paces in front of you. 5 more paces past the twins you’ll find a bunch of 3 scrub oak trees. In the middle of the 3 trees you’ll find Rocky hiding under some grass and branches.

Please replace the letterbox carefully to keep it hidden from view.