Mr. Coot, His Flute and the Mosquito with a Buzzle  LbNA # 37089

Placed DateDec 7 2007
Location???, TX
Planted ByLil' Adventurer    
Found By ???
Last Found Jan 2 2008
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Mr. Coot, His Flute and the Mosquito with a Buzzle

Things are bigger and better in Texas, so they say.
Why, even the mosquitoes are bigger and better in this town. Every year, the mosquito gives this town an excuse to party.
This story goes something like this....

Once upon a time there was an old coot that lived in a boring little town near the gulf coast. The only entertainment he indulged in was to sit on his porch at his simple home and play his flute. One sultry, salty summer night in July, while playing a tune, mosquitoes started buzzing around his head. He swatted at a rather huge one and when he did, his flute fell to the ground. “Shoot!” said the old coot. How am I going to have a blasting, good time while these pesky mosquitoes are buzzing and bugging me?”

Just then- a cute mosquito flew and landed on his finger and looked him straight in the eye. “Excuse me Mister Coot, instead of slapping us down and flicking us off like we were only bloodsucking pest, why don't we have a party instead? We could make beautiful music together since you have a flute and I have a buzzle. We could dance and sing all night long. What cha say Mr. Coot?”

Mr. Coot opened his mouth to answer the mosquito, but no words came out. Mr. Coot had become a mute. So, he did the only thing he knew to do He picked up his flute and began playing a tune. The other mosquitos joined in filling the air with their little buzzing sounds and soon the whole town of ----- heard the commotion and came and joined in on the fun! The kids and the adults danced, played games, ate Mr. Coot's food, had a best looking legs contest and threw washers and horseshoes. This lasted well until after midnight. In fact, so many folks joined in on the party that there was no more room at Mr. Coot's abode. So, they all put their heads together and came up with a plan. Tomorrow on the 28th, let's move this party of 100 to the park with a view. Some of you drive, some of you can walk and of course some of you can fly.

So the next day, the partiers headed on over to the park, right dab on a street close to where the Bucs play and the kiddos swim in the city pool.

They made a right into the parking lot and parked across the street from the fitness trail.

The cute mosquito said, “Hey lets go walk the fitness trail to get our legs looking good for the Best Looking Legs Contest. So, they walked across the street and followed the concrete walkway. Right away they worked out their legs then walked counter clockwise past the sign Par 3 on the left. They passed a picnic table on the right but didn’t sit down. Next, they did some push ups. After that, they continued on to the chin up bar. The cute mosquito said “Keep your chin up and keep on going y’all!” But, right about then, one of the little ones ran off to the left about twenty five steps to the back of tree. “Come and find me if you can”, she yelled! So, one of the other kiddos took out after her. He looked all around the tree but did not see the little mosquito. “Catch me if you can”, she buzzed again. So, the kiddo started back at the front of the tree and went counter clockwise looking into crevices at the base of the tree until he found the little mosquito hiding deep within crevice three under some leaves. "I found you!" shouted the kiddo in glee.
Hurriedly, the Cute mosquito said, “Let’s finish the trail and let’s get our party on!!!!”

So the whole bunch finished the fitness trail and headed across the street to the pavilion to dance the day and night away. Mr. Coot played his flute all day and night on the big dance floor. The cute mosquito played her buzzle. All of the town joined in and danced and sung till the morning light.

Hence, what started with a bored ole' coot playing a flute, and a cute mosquito wanting to party has now turned into over 27 years of a town with an excuse to have a festival with music and fun for all!