Semaphore  LbNA # 37032

Ownerheyokah man    
Placed DateDec 1 2007
Location???, OR
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This is the first of several letterboxes inspired by discontinued Boy Scout merit badges.

Many Scouts have learned valuable life skills completing requirements for merit badges. Technology has seemingly made many of these skills anachronisms. One such was signaling. Scouts were required to demonstrate proficiency in sending and receiving coded messages. Morse Code used audible tones or visual flashes of light to represent letters of the alphabet. Semaphore was a different system by which messages were spelled out using two flags. Each position of the two flags in relation to the senders body represented a unique letter.

By pasting the following address into your web browser you will access the clues to find the Semaphore Letterbox.

From the "center" not the "intersection".