Little Cayman Island Adventure  LbNA # 3681 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 14 2003
CountyCayman Islands
LocationLittle Cayman Island, British West Indies, CAY
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Little Cayman Adventure Letterbox

Little Cayman is the smallest of the three Cayman Islands, a British crown colony, located in the Caribbean, 150 miles south of Cuba and 180 miles west of Jamaica.

Start your journey at the Little Cayman National Trust Visitors Centre, a lovely Caymanian-style house on the western edge of the Booby Pond Nature Reserve. As you travel to the centre by bike, foot or jeep, be on the look out for Cayman rock iguanas sunning themselves on the road. Be sure to go slowly, because on Little Cayman, iguanas have the right of way.

The Visitors Centre and the all of the flora and fauna of the reserve is owned and protected by the Little Cayman National Trust. The 3,500 nesting pairs of red-footed boobies represent one of the largest breeding colonies in the western hemisphere. In addition to the boobies, there are also 100 pairs of magnificent frigate birds living there.

On the upper-level observation deck, there is a high-power telescope for bird-watching. Read about the boobies and frigate birds in the informative sign that was recently added. Boobies mate for life and nest in the mangrove trees. Only one chick per pair is hatched and both parents share in the care of the chick.

Look through the telescope to see the birds nested in the trees across the pond. After you have had a chance to observe the birds, turn the dial of the telescope to 19 Ĺ to see your next destination.

Traveling east down the road to your next destination, you will pass Blossom Village and the Little Cayman Museum on the right. Stop in for a quick tour of the museum if it is open.

When you reach the destination you spied through the telescope, locate a cement marker on the east side of the property, engraved with the initials DK.

Just beyond the marker is a multi-trunk tree. Often you can see black lion lizards climbing the tree. Behind the tree and under some rocks and leaves, you will find what you are looking for.

On your way back, west along the main road, you will come to the islandís only restaurant, The Hungry Iguana. It is part of the Paradise Villas complex adjacent to the airport. Stop in for a cool drink and relax. And remember; travel slowly, for on Little Cayman iguanas have the right of way.

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