Ashley Green Way  LbNA # 36749 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 18 2007
LocationCharleston, SC
Planted ByAshley Green Way    
Found By floridagirl81
Last Found Jul 21 2008
Hike Distance?

Coming from Charleston go to the West Ashley area on 17 South…look for Parkwood Estates and take a right into the subdivision. Begin looking for Sunset Drive and when you see it take a left….keep driving on Sunset, stop (of course) at the stop sign and keep on going on Sunset Drive.

Be on the lookout for the Pedestrian Crossing sign.

When you get to the Pedestrian Crossing sign, park your car and prepare to walk.

You will walk on the green way. There are two ways to go on the green way.
Take the side that has lots of bamboo and a big ditch on the left side …there is also a pretty greeny-brown house with a red door on the left.

Start walking and be looking for a big hump on the green way and a sign that says “no motorized vehicles.”

You will also see a bird box on the right in a yard that has an Airstream travel trailer.

Keep going. Look for another bird box on the left on a pole that has an SCE&G metal label with the numbers 394896.

Keep going.

Look for a magnolia tree on the left.

You will also see a live oak on the left.

You might see an old dog behind a white fence on the right.

You are almost there!

Look for the tennis court on the left and three maple trees.

Our letter box (actually zip lock bags) will be by the trunk of the middle maple tree facing the tennis court. There is a rock on top. Please sign our notebook and e-mail us if you wish. Please make sure you zip up our bags and hide it for another visitor.