Five Minutes in Winters  LbNA # 36665 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 11 2007
LocationWinters, CA
Planted ByMama and the Chicks    
Found By Gremlands
Last Found Sep 27 2009
Hike Distance?

handcarved: yes
drive by: yes

Our family drives through Winters on our way to our cousin's cabin at Lake Shasta. We can't be the only ones who need more excitement along freeway 505, though it is a beautiful drive.

Take exit #11, 128 Winters/Lake Berryessa. Immediately on the west side of the freeway is a Chevron station. Behind the station is a lamp post. Stand by the lamp post and look down the little slope into the abandonded walnut orchard. Walk 15 paces down the slope to a black walnut tree with 8 trunks. In the center is a hollow where the grafted walnut tree used to be. In the front of the hollow, toward the lamp post, is the letterbox under large pieces of bark. Employees come out of the back door of the Chevron station and customers drive by, so be sneaky!

Please sign your trail names and date your stamp(s) in our booklet. Please re-hide the box carefully; lean in to check that nothing shows. Please e-mail us to let us know you found our letterbox.

Happy Letterboxing!