The Lorax and friends  LbNA # 36407

Placed DateSep 1 2007
LocationLancaster, OH
Planted Byanna louise gang    
Found By mitchellfamily
Last Found Jul 26 2014
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This letterboxing series is dedicated to Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax' and the characters found within the pages of the wonderful book.

*Be careful. Trail is long with many hills and bumps. Also watch for animal droppings! A lot of walking is involved. During the fall the paths are covered by leaves, so be careful!

*Need: pen, ink pad, compass

*When placed we considered one pace=one giant step or 2 normal walking steps.

Go to Keller-Kern Park in Lancaster, Ohio. The park is located on N. High Street past Rising Park. Do not go up the Hill to the right which is RT 37; go across traffic and continue on High St. to the park which is on the left. Turn onto Bogear Circle to go back to the parking lot of the park. Park your car nearest to the exit signs. Start on the Woodland trail next to the information sign which is near the exit signs for the park.

BOX #1: The Lorax
Start walking down the trail to the first trail map. Turn to your left and walk 45 paces to a large tree connected with 4 smaller trees on the left of the path.

Take a reading of 230 degrees. Walk 30 paces to an old tree by the river bed, in the summer months this is usually dry. The tree looks like an octopus because of its roots. Go around the tree and look inside the hollowed out hole above the roots. It is hidden very well within the hole!

BOX #2: The Once-ler
Go back to the large tree connected with 4 smaller ones. Continue along path. Notice the bent and twisted tree off the path on the right. Continue walking until you reach a V-tree on the path. One side is still a tree while the other side is cut off (also looks like a J).

Standing at the Reverse-J tree, take a reading of 40 degrees and walk to the first tree in line with that reading. The tree is dead and has a fat base with a Y at the top. Go to the other side of tree and take a look.

BOX #3: Humming-Fish
Continue back on the path. Pass a rock in the ground on the left side of the path with a large gash in it. Continue walking to the bridge.

From the center of the bridge take a reading of 40 degrees. Go 15 paces to the tree with a larger base than the rest of the tree. You will cross over 2 fallen trees to get where you want to go. Look around the base of the tree.

BOX #4: Brown Bar-ba-loot
Continue over the bridge along the path. Follow the trail up and down and all around. You will cross through a fallen tree that has been cut to clear the path, and then you come to a trail marker on the right. Continue on the path and pass an uprooted tree on the left. This part will be shady in the summer.

Continue past another fallen tree on the left. From the small limb of the fallen tree that actually crosses the path go 26 paces to a fallen and decaying tree to the left of the trail. About 6 feet from the right side of the path there will be a large tree. Go to the back side of that tree to find what you’re looking for.

BOX #5: Truffula Tree
Continue on the trail. Pass between 2 fallen and cut trees. Go to the trail marker. (*Note Forrest Rose Cemetery behind the trail marker. Other letterboxes can be found there.) Go right from the trail marker and up the hill. Notice another twisted tree to the left off the path before the rock steps.

Continue up the rocks to the trail marker on the left. Continue along the path to a clearing to the left. This is Flat Rock. Take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery of Lancaster.

Find a trail marker on the left. Take a reading of 90 degrees (due East). Go 28 paces to a stump where a Truffula tree may once have been. Take a look inside. Be careful not to get caught as other people may be enjoying the view from Flat Rock near by.

BOX #6: Swomee-Swan
Go back to the wider path. Continue down the larger trail till path divides around 3 1/2 trees (one tree has been cut about half way up itself). Continue on left side. Stop at the largest of the 4 trees and take a reading of 340 degrees. Go 17 paces to base of fallen tree. Look inside the trunk of the tree.

Congratulations, You’re Finished!!!!

Continue down the path to the meadow to leave. Go right and stay on middle to exit the park.

*Let us know if you have any problems with the clues or if a box is missing!

*If you’re interested in Frisbee Golf, Keller-Kern Park is set up to play. At the other end of the parking lot from where you started there is a map of the course.