The Alburwocky  LbNA # 36371

Placed DateOct 27 2007
Location???, NM
Found By ???
Last Found Jul 19 2010
Hike Distance?

'Twas brillig, and the mashie's calle
with niblicks mixed ae sweet refrain
but oer the roade they scoff the ball
and saucers ching thee linky chains.

The Jabberwock, who lost his head
in formere time and poem and land
Was wafted by the Bandersnatch
to this land of enchanted sand.

Where grudging Duke had been deposed
his body weakened, but with hope
that someday he could muster strength
and wreak revenge on Isotopes.

So on All Hallowed Eve they used
a Giant Needle and five threads
to sew the Jabberwocky trunk
to Duke of Albuquerque's head.

Now if you brave of spirit be
and wear ae vorpal sword beside
commence your quest at first protee
to soutward angley post you stride

Then probe and poke for fangy slithe
and lift the olde post stonie base,
and when the Alburwocky rise
quick stealthy stamp it with good haste.

O Inxious day! Calloo, Callay!
His image captures and containse
in Lock-n-Lock, the Alburwocce
and hides imprisoned to this day.