Arthur Dodd Memorial Park  LbNA # 36212

Placed DateOct 21 2007
LocationDowagiac, MI
Found Byallemeyn
Last UpdateJan 12 2013
Hike Distance?

08/21/11 Box#1 is alive and well. Box #2 is behind a wall of pricker bushes and brambles that have cropped up since it's placing. Will be re-placed probably early spring 2012. Arthur Dodd Memorial Park is located just off M-51 between Dowagiac & Niles. Follow signs. Children's play areas, picnic areas, pit toilets. This park was recently upgraded by MEANDRS group.

Trail begins at the North end of the parking lot. Follow it past picnic shelter #1. At picnic shelter #2, turn right, follow the paved trail. Up ahead on your right, you'll see the potty place. Towards your left, find a tree that looks like a shrine. Walk into the woods towards the shrine. Beyond it, towards the fence, see a pair of sturdy oaks. Look for your treasure on the fence side at the base of the nearest one. Picnic table conveniently located for stamping.

At picnic shelter #2, turn North, over the bridge. A little ways down this easy trail, a place for "relief" if required. Otherwise, keep going. Nearing the end of the trail, over a hump, into a clearing edged with stones. Continue forward to the edge of the meandering stream. Head toward a ridge on your right. Looking for an odd barked tree - is it 2 or is it 3? Beyond a row of stones and over a row of logs...proceed carefully over a busted down fence, heading for the odd barked tree. Once there, take 2 Giant Steps past, a group of skinny trees on your left. There is where you will find A Flower in the Rough letterbox.