Dead Postal Society Again  LbNA # 36200

Placed DateOct 21 2007
LocationEugene, OR
Planted ByTeam Springamajack    
Found By Azroadie
Last Found Jun 17 2010
Hike Distance?

This is the second rendition of retired postal letterboxes. Logbooks may appear to be full but please stamp on BOTH sides of the pages.

Where: Morse Ranch Park - 595 Crest Drive
This park is wonderful! It has a HUGE doggie park, lots of hiking trails, historic building to explore, wildlife rescue center, and a fabulous picnic area that we hope to use for a letterboxing event someday.

Start your quest at the picnic area. Locate the trail just behind this area and start your trek down hill.

Box #1 - Where's Marjorie: Track Town USA
Marjorie as you know is Atlas Quest's mascot. Well for this plb ring we had to show marjorie visiting different places in our area. So what better place that right here in Track Town USA, and birth place of Nike Shoes.
As you make your way down the path on the left there is fallen tree running the length of the path. as you reach it's base you will see it's stump. Check between the base and the stump for marjories hideout.

Box #2 - Wicked: Galinda
Gregory Maguire's best seller turned Musical on Broadway, tells the story of OZ before Dorothy crash landed. Told in the Wicked Witches point of view, it truly is a wonderful book.
From Marjorie continue down path and very soon you will see a small trail leading off to the left. Follow this trail towards the houses in view. Soon there will be a decision to make with a stump standing guard. Choose the right way to go. At the "Y" go left over the log. As the path narrows and curves. Soon you will reacha multi-level hurdle. Don't jump it, instead look at it's base to the right for Galinda.

Box #3 - And Second Star to the Right: Captain Hook
This was a Peter Pan plb ring
Head back the way you came to the main path. Continue walking downhill. Just beyond the doggie park entrance there is "Y". To the left of the "Y" is a large ivy-covered tree with a ivy-covered stump at it's base. Look between the stump and tree for a prize.

Box #4 - Glenn Miller: Pennsylvania 6-5000
One of Mr. Millers most famous songs.
From Captain Hook take the left fork of the "Y" Continue down the trail and soon you will see a tiny little path leading to the right. Jump over the log and go up the rocky stairs. At the top on the left look between to mossy boulders under rock and wood.

Box #5 - Nightmare Before Christmas: Sally
Go back to the path you had just turned off from. Continue on this trail till you find a twisted couple surrounded by friends and family. (If you reach the houses you went too far) Sally is hiding at the base of this couple under mossy logs and ivy.

Box #6 - Amphigorey: C is for Clara
Edward Gorey is by far one of our favorite artists and story tellers. His drawings are so dark and twisted.
Continue on trail and follow around to the right. Watch out for GOATS! Seriously! When we were planting these boxes we came across to goats just walking the trails and eating berries and other foliage. Follow the the trail and you will come to a very large boulder leaning against two twins. Look on the right side of the boulder under rock and ivy.

Box #7 - Greek Gods and Goddesses: Medusa
Medusa with her headful of snakes could turn anyone to stone with one look.
Continue on trail to the bridge. Do not cross it, instead turn right and follow the main path back up hill. On the right side there is a large tree branch that stretches over the path above your head with a fallen brother at it's base. Follow the brother up to it's end. See the stump? Check the back side of the stump under mossy bark and stone.

Box #8 - Dirty Jobs: Ostrich Farmer
Boy do we love Mike Rowe!! Dirty Jobs is one of our favorite shows. Tuesdays 9pm on the Discovery Channel. His most hilarious episodes was when he was an Ostrich Farmer for a day.
Continue up the main path heading back to the parking lot. On the left there will be a meadow (Look familiar?) Follow the line of blackberries to the large fir tree standing alone. With you back to the tree facing the Ranch walk 16 steps to crosses twins. Follow the ivy-line uphill to a GIGANTIC fir tree (we think). Look in ivy at base of this tree for a little dirty job of your own.

Hope you enjoy the beauty of this place as much as we have.

Happy Hunting!