The End of the Rainbow  LbNA # 36159

Placed DateOct 20 2007
LocationFort Atkinson, WI
Planted ByRainbow Riders    
Found By Monkey Mischief
Last Found Oct 11 2009
Hike Distance?

This is a great city walk for people of all ages! Grownups may like to explore the downtown shopping and restaurants after finding the letterbox and young children will enjoy the parks along the way.

Your walk will begin at the Glacial River Trail on West Sherman Avenue in Fort Atkinson, WI. Follow the bike trail across the bridge. After you cross the bridge, go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, take a left and follow the sidewalk to the park. Immediately after you pass the park, turn left and proceed to the statue of the boys climbing the rocks. NOTE: If the river is flooded, there is a way to get to the statue of the boy by continuing across the bridge, walking down a grassy hill, and approaching the statue from the opposite direction. Look at the statue and record the number of "circlish ledges" sticking out of the rock. _____

Go back towards the park and turn left at the river. Continue up the sidewalk to the road. At the road, turn left and follow the sidewalk to the lights.

Take a right at the lights and continue on the bike path. Find the statue of the boy pushing the girl on the swing. Count the total number of buttons you see. _____

Continue down the bike path to the statue of the children reading on a log. Count the number of letters in the title of this statue. ______

Keep walking down the path a bit further until you come to two benches on the left-hand side. Across the street you will see Jones Park. Total up the three numbers you have recorded. Notice the semi-circle of giant rocks surrounding the benches. Begin at the first rock on the end and count around the semicircle until you reach the number you have totaled. Look in a crevice near this rock and you will find the end of the rainbow! Hope you enjoy your visit to our town! Be sure to check out Jones Park across the street or some of the businesses along the riverwalk later! If you choose to make your walk longer, you can continue down the bike trail to tour more of the city. Eventually, you will reach The Fireside, Fort Atkinson's famous dinner theater.

P.S. To get back to where you started, you can just stay on the bike trail the whole way back. You do not need to go back by following the sidewalk down to the park.