Maine Lighthouse Series Set #1  LbNA # 35845

OwnerJars of Clay    
Placed DateOct 8 2007
LocationMaine Coast Line RT 1, ME
Found By Katie's Angels
Last Found Jul 24 2013
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As anyone who has done any of our boxes know we most often try to include pieces of ourselves (namely our faith) with each box. Our inspiration for this series came from a song we love to sing. The chorus goes

I thank God for the lighthouse; I owe my life to Him
Jesus is the lighthouse, from the rocks of sin
He has shone the light around me that I might clearly see
If it wasn’t for the lighthouse, tell me where would this ship be

Well, we've done it. After a year of planning and carving and dreaming here it is, the first installment on a series of boxes planted along the Maine coastline. Eventually, all 68 lighthouses in Maine will have a letterbox planted nearby. All 68 stamps have already been carved we're just in the process of placing them. All boxes will be planted in the BEST possible viewing location. For the map, directions and history we are using got to


*** If you're like us and like detailed stamps, bring your best selection of colors for stamping***

Here goes nothing...

#1 - Whaleback Light (1831)
From US1 in Kittery, ME head East via RT 103 and proceed 3.3 miles bear right onto Chauncey Creek RD. Continue .5 miles turn right onto Pocahontas Rd and go 1.2 miles to park entrance. From the grounds above the shore the lighthouse is visible .5 mile to the south. Viewing spot Ft Foster, Kittery Point (seasonal fee). Parking at gate or first lot on left.

-Built in 1820
-Located off Kittery Pt
-Protects Portsmouth Harbor
-72' unpainted granite tower
-Fourth Order Lens constructed 1872
-Now automated flashing light and foghorn
(it looks just like the picture teehee)

Enter Park and head to Fort Foster Welcome sign "Welcome to Fort Foster, Kittery Point In Honor of Maj Gen John G Foster." At the sign, look to your left and notice Whaleback light, head straight for it. Avoiding the parking lot, take the center path. Follow this path along the shore. At the circular parking area with suspended bench bear right and find the clearing with 3 Hibachi grills. Follow the shore around to the path that continues on. When you come to the next Hibachi stop. Face West to see Whaleback Light and look Due North to see a fallen tree. Head 0 degrees to tree and look behind it under a rock. Be careful of thorns, walkers dogs, be stealth and PLEASE rehide carefully.

#2 Boon Island (1811) and #3 Cape Neddick/Nubble Light(1879)

From US 1A North at the North end of Long Sands Beach turn right onto Nubble Rd. (small Nubble Light sign at Jct) and follow it East .9 mi. Turn Right onto Sohier Park Rd. and proceed 0.1 mi. to the turn-around at the roads end. From the South side of the parking lot Boon Light is visible (just to the right of Cape Neddick Nubble) some 6.3 mi to the south east strong binoculars are necessary to provide any detail.

History Boon Light:
-Established 1811
-Stands on small rock island 6.5 mi. off coast of Cape Neddick
-First tower built 1800 destroyed and replaced in 1804
-Destroyed again in 1831
-Current tower stands 137 feet tallest in New England
-70,000 Candle power can be seen for 18 miles

Park anywhere. Find the Bell near the Welcome Center. Stand facing Nubble Light. With the Bell at 12 o'clock look in the direction of 1 o'clock. Find the Bench in memory of Kenneth A. Cheviere. Walk to the right of the bench around the jutting rocks. The box in the crevice behind the stacked rocks. If you sit on the lowest rock it is easily and "stealth-fully" reachable. Please be sure the box is re-hidden carefully from all view points as this is a VERY BUSY area and other boxes have "gone missing".

History: Nubble Light
-a.k.a Cape Neddick
-built 1879
-considered most popular scenic attraction along the coast
-41 foot cast iron tower fitted with 4th order lense
-Flashes Red every 6 sec.
-88 feet above the water
-range of 13 nautical miles

Go back to the Bell. Now head toward 11 o'clock until you find the bench in memory of Eadie Beaume. Have a seat. Notice a bush to your right and find your stamp on the seaward side under some rocks. Please re-hide carefully.

#4 Goat Island (1835)

From Rt 9 in Cape Porpoise Village turn onto Pier Road and proceed East and South 0.6 mi to the end. Parking is available at the turn-around above the town-owned wharf. Form the adjacent overlook the lighthouse is visible 0.6 mi to the East.

-built 1822
-re-built 1859
- Situated on Southwest End of Goat Island near entrance to Cape Porpoise Harbour
-Was Maine's last manned light station
-Automated in 1990
-38 feet above water
-Range of 12 Nautical mi.

Park anywhere. Find the rock with the plaque in it closest to the flagpole. Stand facing the lighthouse with your back to the rock. Look to your right. Take 24 steps down the path. Stop and turn left. Take 4 steps to a rock. Directly to your left behind a bush under some rocks is Goat Island light's stamp.

#5 Wood Island Light(1808)
From the junction of Rte 9 and Rte 111 in Biddeford, turn SE onto Rte 208 and follow it to its end at Biddeford Pool. Continue ahead .5 mi on Lester B. Orcutt Dr. (roadsign). Just prior to a right angle turn, pull over and park. A foot path alongside a gate(L) reaches an Audubon Society Trail which skirts a golf course and leads NE to the shore line. Allow 10-12 minutes. From here the lighthouse is visible .5 mi to the NE.

-Marks entrance of Saco River
-Built in 1808
-Re-built 1858
-Situated on East end of Wood Island
-Automated in 1986
-71 feet above water
-Range of 24 nautical mi.
-Has been called a jinxed island due to stories of murder/suicides, shipwrecks. However, heroic rescues have occurred as well

Follow the path past the golf course past a ramp to the beach on right. Find a bench on your left In Memory of Jack and Toots. From this bench head down to the beach and stop at the first large rock. Turn around and face the bench and head back toward the path. On the left you'll see a couple of rocks tucked into the hillside. The box is here. Please re-hide carefully.

#6 Cape Elizabeth (Two-Lights) -1828

From Rte 77 South in Cape Elizabeth turn left onto Two-Lights Rd. "Two-Light State Park" at intersection. Follow it 1.7 mi to the end. Park at the beach. Please do not park at the restaurant. The lighthouse is visible .2 mi to the North.

-Built 1828
-West tower dismantled 1824
-Keeper's house privately owned
-range 27 nautical miles
-Most powerful beacon on NE Coast
-4 million candle power
-129 feet above water

Walk through the middle of four cement pilings to the right of the beach area. Head straight toward the ocean stopping at the danger sign on the building to your right. Notice the cement block with lichen on it. Two-lights is underneath.

#7 Portland Headlight (1791)

From Rte 77 North at Pond Cove, Cape Elizabeth, turn Right onto Shore Rd. and proceed 2.3 mi. to the entrance to Fort Williams Park. The lighthouse parking area .4 mi beyond is adjacent to the station grounds. Park is open daily year-round sunrise to sunset. Great place to fly a kite!

"J"'s favorite place on Earth. Played often in park as a child and young teen. Many fond memories of time spent with special people then and now!
-Oldest lighthouse in Maine
-Over 200 yrs old
-Maritime tragedy 1787 prompted appropriation of $750.00 to begin construction of 58 foot tower of rubble stone set in lime.
-1790 President George Washington authorized $1500.00 for it to be completed.
-First light 1/10/1791
-on National Register of Historic Places
-Height changed several times
-Museum of light history located in keeper's house
-101 feet above water
-Flashes white light every 5 sec.

While at the watchman's house search around the gardens and larger rocks to find a compass painted on the rock. The box is located in the bush right beside the compass.

***sneak peek*** If you look left from this spot you can see the next lighthouse on the clues- Spring Point!

#8 Ram Island Ledge (1905)
Directions: Located at Ft. Williams

-Constructed of gray granite blocks cut and transported from Vinal Haven.
-Strong demand for a light here occurred after the Allen Line steamship Californian stranded on the jagged rocks in February 1900. No deaths and damaged ship was eventually pulled free.
-Automated 1959
-Height 77 feet above water
-Range of 12 nautical miles
-first officially illuminated 4/10/1905

park at the lower beach lot on the left. Start at the Ft Williams park sign at this lower picnic area and follow the bushes around to the beach area. You'll see a cement wall that is level now with the rocks. Find the crack in the wall and on the far side of the wall under the rocks you'll find the box. please rehide well.

#9 Spring Point (1897)
From Portland Headlight take a right out of Ft. Williams Park. Follow this road to a right hand turn onto Preble St. Take a right onto Fort Rd. Follow signs to Portland Harbor Museum. Mid-April through Late November hours vary. Located in shore-front site on SMCC Campus and shares parking are for Spring Point Light. Museum sponsors once-a-month Open House days at lighthouse when it is open for climbing. For details call 207-799-6337.

-Built 1855
-Re-built present tower 1897
-Marks West side of Portland Harbor
-First built as off-shore, connected to Mainland 1951 by 900 foot breakwater built from 50,000 tons of granite quarried in Biddeford and Wells
-Automated light
-54 foot above water

Walk the path past second light pole. Stop at corner between 9th and 10th Turret holes. With your back to the wall look up. Where the retaining wall meets the hill, there is a bush near the split-rail fence above. Make your way to the bush where you will find your stamp.

#10 Portland Breakwater a.k.a. "Bug Light" (1855)
From Spring Point Parking Area take a right onto Benjamin W. Pickett stay straight as this turns into Breakwater Dr. and follow signs to Bug Light Park.

-Built 1855
-Re-built 1875
-Automated 1934
-Currently inactive
-On National register of Historical Places
-Created to resemble a 4th Century Greek Monument

Find the Ship in Bug Light Park. Stand with your back to the center column facing the water. See the "O"... it stands for OBVIOUSLY you will be "V"... VICTORIOUS in finding the stamp above it.

#11 Half-Way Rock (1871)

From the Cooks Corner Rte 24 Exit off of US Rte 1 in Brunswick follow Rte 24 South for 15 mi. to the parking area at the Land's End (Bailey Island). The lighthouse is visible 4.2 mi to the Southwest.

-One of the most isolated Lights of the Maine Coast
-10 mi East of Cape Elizabeth (as the crow flies)
-Many vessels and lives claimed off the rocky shore
-Need for lighthouse endorsed 1837, Congress took no action until 1869
-$50,000 appropriated for construction 1869
-66 foot granite tower
-First light 8/15/1871
-Automated 1975
-77 feet above water
-Until Coast Guard furnished service for transport "going home" to a keeper meant a lonely,often treacherous, row to the main land- an 11 mi. trip when the destination was Portland!

Once at Land's End, find statue honoring All Fishermen of Maine. Facing statue head up gravel path to the left, count three cement blocks. At the third, look carefully behind the bushes to the right of block. There you will find what you seek.