Turtwig  LbNA # 35794 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 7 2007
LocationCenterville, OH
Planted Bybuckeyesawyer    
Found By grtop
Last Found Aug 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Follow state route 48 to Shadybrook Drive in Centerville. Turn onto Shadybrook Drive. About halfway down turn right onto Donnybrook Drive. Follow Donnybrook Dr. until you reach the end of the road. Park your car and walk through the two black posts and across the bridge. Turn to your right and pass a bench and trash can. Follow the path to a large tree standing by itself. Turn towards the left and walk to the black Donnybrook Park sign. Continue walking to playground. **Stop and play for a few minutes!!

Next, follow the fence ( along the back edge of the playground) to the right. Walk and find a large tree with three trunks. Look past the observation deck to a tree that has thorns on it. Cross the bridge back into the woods & follow the trail down the steps. Take the trail going left and you will see a bench - sit and take a rest. What you are looking for will be found near the creek at the base of a hallowed out tree with four rocks in front.