First Citizens and Prairie Home  LbNA # 35760

Placed DateOct 5 2007
LocationGreenville, OH
Planted ByMah Jongg Queen    
Found By Pioneer Spirit
Last Found Jun 7 2008
Hike Distance?

If you are downtown in Greenville you will want to do the traffic circle and end up on East Main St. Follow E. Main to Memorial Drive which is just before the bridge for the Greenville Creek. Memorial Drive will be a left turn. Follow Memorial as it curves around to the T intersection of Quindora and Memorial and park in that little parking lot. Walk down into the meadow of the park following the asphalt sidewalk. Cross the swinging bridge...bounce up and down as you g
Cross the street and walk to your left maybe 75 feet until you see a little brown house surrounded by a board fence. This is Little House and belongs to Buckeye Trails Girl Scouts. I spent some years as a Girl Scout Leader and spent some time in Little House. Walk around to the front of the house, stand directly in front of the gate with your back to Little House. Look straight ahead across the drive at that huge tree. You will find the box you seek there. Are those pretty vines poison ivy? I carry a long tongs with me, but I don't think that is poison ivy.
The second box is not far away. Walk back to the place where you started after crossing the bridge and the street. This time walk to your right just a little less than 1/10 of a mile. Your will see blockhouses and parts of a fort wall. Walk to the furthest corner of the last fort wall. See those three trees growing together? Look at the base of one of the three trees for the secret hiding place.
This is a very busy park. Please be discreet and careful to replace boxes carefully.