Bearís Cave  LbNA # 35646 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 29 2007
CountySan Joaquin
LocationTracy, CA
Planted ByLetterBoxingManiacs    
Found By Human Ills
Last Found Nov 28 2007
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Thoming Park, Tracy, California

Deep in the heart of Tracy, Ca lies a little known cave. This cave, it is said, used to be home to the biggest, burliest, teddy bear youíve ever seen. The bear was not happy with his cave as it had a stream running through it during the wet times of the year. This caused the bear to hide his most precious possession, his autograph book outside his cave. The bear is long gone (he moved to Hollywood and stars in his own TV show and some movies) but he left his autograph book behind for visitors to sign.

To find the cave go south on Tracy Blvd from the 205 freeway. Go all the way through town to Valpico Rd. and turn right. Turn left on Sycamore (at the stop sign). Follow the road as it curves and turn left on Cambridge Pl. Park in the park parking lot on the right. This is Edgar Thoming Park.

Follow the main sidewalk that goes past the playground and toward a wooden gazebo. Go through the gazebo and continue on the long sidewalk. Enjoy a lovely stroll through the park until you get to a fork in the sidewalk. The sidewalk forms a triangle around a tree. Take the left fork. A railing joins you on the right side of the sidewalk. This is the protective railing that kept people from bothering the bear. As you walk along the sidewalk, keep looking to the right and you will see the bearís cave. The autograph book is hidden above the cave entrance on the left side (as you look at the entrance). It is hidden in its own small cave and covered with rocks to keep out the weather (and casual observers). Please cover the autograph book up again when you leave so it doesnít walk away.

UPDATE 11/25/2007
The first book was taken and the little cave broken (jealous squirrels most likely). The book has been replaced. It is in a different little cave to the left of the original one.

Update 3/4/2008
The second cave has also been destroyed. We are retiring the box at this location for now.