Egyptian Series  LbNA # 35480 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 12 2007
LocationSnohomish, WA
Planted ByCaptain Raehawk    
Found By team kayak
Last Found Nov 4 2007
Hike Distance?


Anubis Box
Begin at:
Blackman's Lake (right next to Ferguson Park)
Snohomish, WA (United States)

Directions: Take Ave A North. It will eventually curve toward the Left and come to a dead end. You will see a gravel parking area along the banks of Blackman's Lake, park at the end of this parking area.

Walk to the right, there is a hill that leads up to Ferguson park walk up this hill and stand in the center of the covered picnic area. Look towards the lake and there will be 2 trees with a pointy stump in between them. Walk to the tree on the left and walk to the other side of it. At it's base is a hole. Anubis is hiding in this hole, covered with dirt and pieces of wood.

Lotus Box
Located at:
Pilchuck Park
Snohomish, WA (United States)

Directions: Follow 2nd st East and take a Right on Cypress, then take an immediate Left. Follow the hill down to the parking area.

Park in one of the very first parking spots you come to.
Walk toward the park entrance you came in at. See the 3 white posts? Go just past them and you will come to a sandy gravel area on your Right (this is near a drop off so if you brought kids keep them here so they don't fall). You will see some trees directly ahead of you. Look Right. You will see a large tree growing out of a small hill with three trunks reaching toward the sky. Look under the curving trunk on the Left and you will find the Lotus Letterbox hidden by leaf debris.

NOTE: This Letterbox will be relocated to another nearby park as soon as Winter comes. It is only hidden with leaf debris so as soon as the leaves are no longer on the ground I will move it. I will update the clue as soon as it is moved.

Eye of Horus Box
Located at:
Cady Park
Snohomish, WA (United States)

Directions: Follow 1St st East and make a Right on Maple. Follow the hill down to the Park. This Park has a cricular parking lot and fantastic views of the Snohomish River.
Park by the picnic table closest to the River. Face the River and head Right following along the river's edge (do not take the cement trail that heads into town). On this small dirt trail you will cross over the log which crosses the trail. Very soon after you will come into a small clearing. On your Left you will see a piece of driftwood near the dropoff. Look behind and a bit under the driftwood toward the left (by the widest part of the wood). The Eye of Horus Letterbox is tucked in there