"Shooting Star Annie Oakley"  LbNA # 35467

Placed DateSep 24 2007
LocationNorth Star, OH
Planted ByMah Jongg Queen    
Found By TrailTroll
Last Found Jun 21 2013
Hike Distance?

Take State Route 127 to North Star and follow 127 south approximately one mile to an historic marker on the west side of the road. You will find a pull off area. There is a large boulder with an informational plaque and a small landscaped area. Read the information on the marker, enjoy the moment. Also, those are deer hunting targets in the field just west of the marker. How appropriate! Please note the small barn to the north of the marker a few hundred feet. This was a barn used by Annie Oakley and her family when they lived on this property. The barn is too small to be used with any of today's modern farm equipment. If you stand facing the marker on your left you will find a shrub at the front of the landscaping; the box you want is in the north side of this shrub.