Steps to a Healthier You  LbNA # 35306

Placed DateSep 20 2007
LocationDurham, NH
Planted ByWhitts    
Found By CDW
Last Found Oct 17 2009
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“Steps to a Healthier You”

**** Revised ****

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Getting started

Park at the Visitor’s Center at the University of New Hampshire. Walk on Gables Way to Mast Rd. On Mast Rd, take a left and walk up the hill to Main St. Cross Main St. (There is a cross walk further down the road) Once across Main St. turn right. Walk into parking lot P and follow the steps/path down towards the Tennis courts. Bearing right, continue on the cement path with the tennis courts on your right and a fenced in soccer field on your left. The cement path will turn into a dirt path; continue straight onto the dirt path. At the end of the path you will see an opening into woods, take that path in.

Box 1

Right before the gate to “College Woods” there will be two paths on the right. Take the first path on the right and follow a few feet until rocks cross the path. Here there will be two beech trees on the right. Under the roots of the trees will be your first box. Once stamped in return to main path.

Box 2

Enter through the gates to College Woods. When the path switches to gravel, stop right before the gravel switches back to dirt. There will be a pile of rocks on both sides of the path. Look behind the pile on your right. Stamp in and continue on the path.

Box 3

When you come to a fork in the path, take a right. Next take the first side path on you left, a huge pine tree is at its opening. The path will go up hill. At the top of the hill there is a rock on your left. There is a huge pile of rocks and branches on the left. Stopped at the rock, look towards 11 o’clock and imagine a lobster coming out of the ground. Inside the lobsters mouth is his ‘food’ and your prize. Stamp in and continue on the path.

Box 4

Continue on the path, keeping right. At the end of the path (there will be a log on the left) take a left. On your path there will be a pile of up rooted trees on the left. Get in the center of the pile and face the uprooted tree that is facing the path, in the center lays your prize. Stamp in and continue on the trail.

Box 5

The path will go down hill and end; Oyster River will be in front of you, take a left. Continue on path. On your right there will be a rock wall leading into the woods, just before the wall, the path turns to gravel and there is a hump in the path, at this hump to your right there will be a small over grown path, be adventurous and take it! Following this narrow overgrown path along Oyster River you will cross the rock wall, a couple of fallen trees and soon come into a clearing. At the opening of the clearing there will be two large hemlock trees on your right. Go to the second one, and face it, there should be a long slit in the trunk about six feet off the ground. Step on the small stump in front of the bas of the trunk and then on the little notch on the trunk itself. There in the slit behind some bark is your fifth prize. Stamp in and get ready for box six!

Box 6

Stand in the middle of the clearing, on your left there is another small narrow, and more overgrown path, continue on this path. You will have to move a lot of low branch to follow this path- have faith it will come to a clearing. When you do reach the clearing walk towards the building (Its UNH water supply plants) continues down the hill and take a right crossing the bridge. Continue following the path until it comes to an intersection, here take aright. You will be crossing a small foot bridge in the distance. After some rock in the path, there will be a large boulder on your left, in the center of the boulder is your prize, stamp in and continue on the path.

Box 7

Continue straight on the path, at the fork take aright. When you come to a stone wall, follow the stone wall to the left until you come to a fallen tree. To the right of the fallen tree in the stone wall is your seventh prize! Stamp in and go back to path.

Box 8

Continue on the path until there is a bridge on your left. Take the bridge. At the end of the bridge take a right, entering “College Woods Natural Area”. Take a left at the fork. There will be a clearing on your right with a pile of small stones and supports for a potential bench. Standing on the path, with the bench supports on your left take 39 paces (A pace is counted every time your right foot hit the ground) continuing on the path. There now should be a triple trunk tree in the woods on your right. In the center of the trees is your prize. Stamp in and follow direction for getting back to your car.

Getting back to your car

Continue on the path and take a left at fork. Take another left at fork. There should be a wooden sign that reads “College Woods Natural Area” with a rock behind it with engraving. Here take at right so the sign and rock are on your left and continue on the path towards the left. Follow this path until the end. You will come out on Colovos Rd. Take a left onto the road. UNH old baseball fields will be on your left. Take a right under the bridge/train tracks. Follow this road until it ends, Pettee House will be on your left. Take a left on to College Rd. At the lights take another left onto Main St. Walk over the bridge and to the Visitors Center. The UNH Dairy Bar is right under the bridge and serves delicious ice cream.