Magic Stones  LbNA # 35203 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 15 2007
LocationMonroe, NY
Planted ByKat - Phish    
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Hike Distance?

Starting on Route 6 East take exit 129 Museum Village Road. At the stop sign go straight. Make your very next right into a tiny parking lot. (There's a blue sign with an arrow pointing left. This is where you turn right.) Park you car.

Behind you is a trail. The Heritage Trail. Go onto the trail. You can go on a scooter if you wish. Go left on the trail (east). There is a sign that says Welcome to Monroe.

Keep on walking or scootering. Notice the beautiful lake on your left.

You will come to a parking lot on the right. There's a stop sign. Watch out for traffic. Keep following the trail.

Soon you will see, on the left, a power station looking type thing - Keep Out! High Voltage Within! Then you will walk under some power lines... unavoidable.

Then, on the left, you will pass by a stone wall in a small clearing. There's a lake behind some trees. Keep walking on the trail. You're almost there.

You will come to a passageway off the trail with lots of rocks on it. When you look through the passageway, you will see a big tree with four arms. The passageway is easy to miss. If you come to a green fence on your left, you've gone a bit too far.

Go down the passageway and turn right. When you come to a fork go left. When you get to a main slightly paved road, stop and look down it. You will notice piles of stones along the left side. If you look directly to your left you will see one. Even though it's hard to tell because it's covered with shrubbery. But, this counts as a stone pile.

Go to the fifth stone pile.

Stand facing the stone pile with your back to the water. You will also be facing a green building. Look down. Notice a rock that is different from the others. A rock that looks like it's easy to pick up.

Pick it up. There's the treasure! Please put the rock back carefully.


Please bring your own stamp pad and pen.

Walk is about twenty minutes on partly paved and partly unpaved roads.