Fishing with Jerry  LbNA # 35116 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 15 2007
LocationPhoenicia, NY
Found ByArf! (Attempted)
Last UpdateAug 14 2010
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As melting snows raise the river's edge,
The waters flow free and fast.
The awaited Day of Fools arrive.
I can't believe it's here at last.

Early to bed. Early to rise.
Loaded down with needed supplies.
Bait and spinners. Lines and Sinkers.
A smorgasbord of flies.

Boots go on. Gear is set.
The water and I converge.
Line is cast. Wet fly falls.
Quiet landing. Quick submerge.

My breathing slows as do my steps.
Patience is the game.
A nibble here - A small tug there
I hold my breath and stake my claim.

With a jerk the hook is set.
The battle has begun.
Splashing. Fighting. Slow surrender.
The struggle has been won.

Clues: Find Jerry's Parlor at the Phoenicia Library. After enjoying the wide collection of sportsman books and memorabilia...your hunt begins.

"My, oh, my! Just what am I going to keep all of the fish I catch in while I continue fishing??"

Happy Hunting!!