Delaware River Heritage Trail  LbNA # 35088 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 13 2007
LocationPort Jervis, NY
Planted ByMarge1776    
Found By SKPnGo
Last Found Jun 30 2008
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Delaware River Heritage Trail

There is parking at the West End Memorial Park across from the fort on West Main Street.

“Begin at the place where the “Revolutionary Letterbox” is found.
This is the beginning and end of the Trail.
If the fort is open, say “hello” to “Martinus” a.k.a. Peter.
Find the blue and gold historical marker that says “Decker Fort”.
After you read the sign, look to your left on West Main Street.
You will see a "Delaware River Heritage Trail" sign with an arrow pointing across the street.
(Cross the street carefully and watch out for cars.)
This street is called Ferry Street. A rope ferry run by Simon Westfall was once operated here to take people across the Delaware to Matamoras, Pennsylvania.
Follow the trail signs past the Little League Ball Fields and walk the path upon the dike.
You can swim here at West End Beach when the life guard is on duty.
Ferry Street connects to River Road - Continue on.
Look out toward the river for a stone pier in the center. It is the remnant of a railroad bridge built in the late 19th century eventually destroyed by flooding.
A little farther on, on the left is a factory involved in the manufacture of things for the aerospace industry.
Behind the factory, in a large flat area, is where the Erie Railroad’s Delaware Division shops and headquarters were once located.
Along this part of the trail are places to sit and look for wild life on the river or have a picnic lunch. You can also see “High Point Monument” from here.
Next you will see a blue and gold sign that says “Rafting”.
Continue on the trail and you will come to an information kiosk with interesting items posted.
You are now very near that which you seek - the "Delaware River Heritage Trail" Letterbox.
From the kiosk take about 60 steps to your left on the path to a group of 3 yellow posts. Take 18 steps to a big oak tree on the right. Look under the half log and find the letterbox here.
After you have stamped your journal with the “Golden Eagle” and left your mark, look for a copy of *“The Delaware River Heritage Trail Guide”.
It is free, compliments of the City of Port Jervis. It will enhance your journey on the Delaware River Heritage Trail if you wish to continue from here. As always we hope you enjoy your visit with us.”
*Note: If you do not find a copy of the guide, please contact me so I can re-supply them.