Great Hills Park  LbNA # 34958

Placed DateSep 8 2007
LocationAustin, TX
Planted BySleepy and Bashful    
Found By screamin meemie
Last Found Feb 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Medium (This requires a short hike, but when following the clues it is not too hard to find.)

Welcome to the Great Hills Park Letterbox!

Directions to Great Hills Park:
1: Start out going SOUTHEAST on RESEARCH BLVD / US-183 toward SPICEWOOD SPRINGS RD. 0.7 miles Map

2: Turn RIGHT onto OAK KNOLL DR. 0.7 miles Map

3: Turn LEFT onto COLINA LN. 0.2 miles Map

4: Turn RIGHT onto GRAPEVINE LN. 0.2 miles Map

5: Turn LEFT onto SIERRA OAKS. <0.1 miles Map

6: End at 10801 Sierra Oaks
Austin, TX 78759

For more information on the park, go to

Directions to Letterbox:
1. Enter the playground area of the park.
2. Count the total number of slides. Remember this number- you will need to know it later.
3. Begin on the trail, heading southeast.
4. Following the trail, you will cross a concrete drainage area.
5. When you get to the fork in the trail (there will be a sign) continue to your right in the direction of Floral Park.
6. For about 3 minutes at a steady pace, follow the trail until you reach a tree stump on your left.
7. At the tree stump, go 15 paces to where you will reach a set of stairs.
8. Stop. Look for a tree with the same number of trunks as the number of slides in the playground.
9. Go to the tree and look behind it.
10. Find the letterbox and make your entry!

-Please remember to hide the letterbox as you found it and do not reveal the hiding place to others; be discrete.

-Helpful hints:
This trail is very woodsy. Wear tennis shoes and bring a water bottle. Keep a close watch on small children; there is a large drop on the right side of the trail. Beware of critters and watch out for poisonous plants; we did not see any but there is a good chance these things are there.