A Thanks to Wilderness: Squirt  LbNA # 34867 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 14 2007
LocationLockport, NY
Planted Bygrandma51    
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Day Road Park is a fairly new park in the town of Lockport on the NW corner of Day Rd and E High St. It is very kid friendly with a new playground and lots of running room.The playground has many benches for adult supervision or resting. It also has 4 small tables for reading or activities. We even saw some kids running remote control cars outside the play area. There are 4 nature trails, all paved. Pets on leashes are welcome. One slight inconvenience is, the restrooms are outhouses one of which is hadicapped accessible. They are planning to put in new restrooms in the near future. The north end of the park has a small shelter with a picnic table and a few other scattered picnic tables. Their is also a family resturant across the street. The north end area is also home to the Niagara County plane field. It is handicapped accessible only in so far as the paved trails and bathroom facility.

Park at the north end of the parking lot. Follow the path on your right. You will see 2 large rocks on the right of the path. When you come to the Y in the path take the one to the right. A short way down the path you will see 2 large rocks on the right leading to a dirt road. At these rocks, go left into the woods keeping the cattails on your right. About halfway past the start of the cattails you will see a small clearing on your left with a little bush just before it. Turn left into the clearing and walk until you reach the tree that will be right in front of you. Go right until you come to 2 piles of dead branches. (1 small, 1 larger). Just past the larger pile is a tree leaning to the left. Under this tree you will find Squirt covered with leaves and branches. Please rehide carefully. hh friendly.