A Grand View  LbNA # 34727

Placed DateSep 2 2007
LocationGranby, CO
Planted ByNear Perfect    
Found By Q-Flock
Last Found Jun 22 2014
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A Grand View letterbox

There are an infinite number of wonderful views in Colorado and in this general area of the state. This is just one of them that we frequently enjoy and never get tired of.

You will need a compass for this letterbox. We recommend a camera also. It is a short hike, but rocky and fairly steep. Most kids would do just fine.

From US Highway 40 heading towards Granby from Winter Park look for a large sign advertising Silvercreek Lodge. Your turn is approximately 1 mile from this sign. Keep your eye out for a sign signaling Granby city limits. Turn right at the first intersection immediately after the city limits sign. You should see a large brown Lodge (Silvercreek Lodge) on your right at the intersection. ***Continue past the lodge (which is on your left after you turn) about 2 miles up the hill. Look for a large green transformer box on your left. You can park by the green box if there is a spot or across the road in the small parking lot there. Head up the hill towards the gazebo (on the transformer box side of the road). After catching your breath (I have to) from inside the gazebo take a reading on your compass of 50 degrees. Looking that direction you can see a lone pine tree. Head over to the tree about 75 yards away. Go to the down hill side of the tree. Find 2 big (and pretty heavy) rocks. Look underneath the rocks for this letterbox. Don't forget to look all around you and enjoy the view! This is a place frequently visited by deer. Keep your eyes open for these beautiful animals.

***If you are coming from the Grand Lake or Hot Sulphur Springs side, go through the town of Granby on Highway 40. Look for the City Market on your right and then the Silvercreek Lodge on your left. Turn left at the lodge and follow the above directions from there.