Grant's Superhero Adventure  LbNA # 34726

Placed DateAug 17 2007
LocationBurke Lake Park, VA
Planted ByKatie A    
Found By Pirate Princesses
Last Found Sep 12 2010
Hike Distance?


I met Grant at the docks. He came off the boat carrying a briefcase containing his latest invention. We were going to take it to Star labs for further study. He was about to open it and show me when we saw them—Lex Luthor and his goons. They wanted the briefcase. Grant and I started running down the path to the left, towards the sound of the train whistle.

We ran on the trail towards the edge of the Frisbee golf course. There were a series of logs lined up along the trail on our left, and the shoreline was still on our right. We were running as fast as we could, but they were catching up.

We tried to lose them by going straight into a where the trail took a 90 degree turn to the left. There was a large area with a lot of open space and a few trails that led to the water. Across the water to our right we could see the marina.

We were surrounded by water, and we realized we were trapped. Looking at the marina, we turned 180 degrees and saw three trees growing together near the edge of the trail. There was a small trail behind these trees and we decided to hide there. We squatted down about 15 steps away in between a group of four trees growing together and twisting around each other. We hid grant’s briefcase under a dead piece of wood. Just when we thought we had lost them, we heard the click of their guns. They had found us, and were about to take the briefcase when something blue and red zoomed down from the sky and stood in front of us. It was Superman! (Box 1). Their bullets bounced off the Man of Steel. They tried to run for it, but Superman was too fast. He grabbed them all in one hand, and waved good bye to us with the other hand as he flew them off to jail. We waved back and then returned to the trail heading away from the marina again.

Grant and I needed to get to the train so we could take Grant’s latest invention to Star labs. We walked along the trail, watching the people throw their Frisbees. As we walked up a hill, we saw the train tracks on our left.

All of the sudden, something that was too fast to be a Frisbee flew over our heads and stuck into a tree behind us. It was a boomerang! That could only mean Captain Boomerang was on our trail, and that he wanted the invention too! We ran past the Frisbee golf area and past the sign warning people (going the other way) about the Frisbee area ahead.

At the bottom of the hill on the right we saw two trees with lots of writing close together next to the path. About 15 steps ahead was a huge tree with more writing on our left. We turned left off the path here, and headed towards a big double tree not far from the train tracks. We hid behind the tree, near a fallen log which was split at the bottom.

We thought we’d lost him, when another Frisbee suddenly stuck in the tree above our heads. Captain Boomerang had found us. He pulled out one of his exploding boomerangs out and threw it at us. Before we could even duck, we saw a flash of red that was faster than anything we’d ever seen before. It was the Flash at the base of the tree! (Box 2). He caught the Boomerang, threw it in the lake, and tied up Captain Boomerang with some tree vines in less than a second.

The boomerang exploded in the lake. We thanked him for saving us and got back on the trail, eager to get to the train. We continued walking near the train tracks with the water on our right. We were admiring the calm lake when we heard the sound of crazy laughter echoing through the woods. That could only be one person – the Joker! We started running as fast as we could. We were running so fast that it was hard to see where we were going, but I know we ran over a bridge, and we kept running even after we saw the tunnel for the train. We continued running past the amphitheatre on our left. We came to where a stream crosses the path. Up the hill we could see open fields, some hills, and a small train station. We were getting tired from running and we needed to find a place to hide.

There was a small stone building on the right of the path near the water. To the right of the building, a path veered off from the main path and headed towards the water. We hid in the bushes on the right side of the path near the building (right side facing the water). We were standing next to a tree that looked like it had five or six trunks. We were trying to squeeze through between them when the Joker and two of his men grabbed our legs and pulled us back. The Joker was waving a gun wildly and laughing, and we were sure he had us when all of the sudden, a Batarang knocked the gun out of his hands. Batman was here! (Box 3). The Dark Knight swung down from the treetops on a rope and knocked the Joker’s men into the water. He then pulled something out of his utility belt and threw it at the escaping Joker. Heavy cables wrapped around the Joker’s feet and he fell to the ground. Awesome!