Germantown Library / Hike  LbNA # 34709

Placed DateAug 7 2007
LocationGermantown, NY
Found By Fluttering By
Last Found Mar 23 2013
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Germantown Library / Hike

Follow Rte 9G to the traffic light. Turn onto Main St. Go past the school and turn left onto Palatine Park Rd. Now watch for the Library on your left. Park at the library and enter the building. Look for the colorful computer in the children's section; on a shelf above the computer is a hollow book containing the first stamp. When you leave the library go down the steps and turn around so that you are facing the front door. To your left under the steps you will find your next stamp. Now that you have visited our library head across the street to the little park. Walk through the park past the swings in the back to a small wooded path that leads to the baseball fields. Head down the path and watch to your right you will see a rock and not far from it a group of 3 trees. At the trees base you will find your stamp. Re-hide well. Now go back to your path and walk across the ball fields you will come to a gravel walking path. Go right on the path staying on the gravel past a small pond up a slight hill continue on past a roof in the trees. You will go around a corner and now should start watching for a small wooden bridge on your right. Cross the bridge and come to a large grouping of rocks. To the left of the point of rocks under an overhanging bush nestled in the rocks you will find your last stamp. Now walk around the rocks and look for the building with Disney Characters on it. Head toward it and you will return to the park.

Library hours:
Tue 9am-7pm
Wed 9am-4pm
Thurs 12pm-7pm
Fri 9am-4pm
Sat 9am-2pm